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What can I expect when booking a photoshoot with you?

A fun and smooth experience. From your initial inquiry to booking your shoot to pre-shoot prep to the day of your shoot, I create a seamless and relaxed experience for my clients so they feel taken care of and prepared to feel and do their best on our photoshoot, Expect prompt communication in addressing all your questions and concerns.

How do you Work with your clients?

Photography is a collaboration between myself and my clients. So I always ask that you share what you are hoping to achieve from your photoshoot, based on this transparency, I'll be able to tailor your shoot to you and assist in making choices from selecting a wardrobe to a location/s that will best suit your goals. On the day of the shoot,  I'll gently direct you and give you all the prompts and pose ideas to get those epic images you've always wanted. 

I am new to professional photoshoots, will you help me so i look good on camera?

My job is to gently direct you throughout our shoot to bring out your best. Whether you are a seasoned pro or have never had a professional photo shoot before, I want you to have the best photoshoot and feel at ease in front of the camera. After all, this photoshoot is about capturing you in the best and most natural light. As your photographer, I'm here to ensure you'll get incredible images you'll always cherish and part of that is knowing how to work with all levels of experience.

where do photoshoots take place? can i shoot in studio or on-site at a location i select?

 The majority of my photoshoots take place outdoors in Natural Light and are shot at locations I frequently shoot throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. I have areas I know very well that present a wide variety of options for terrific photo ops. Some examples of available shooting locations are Central Park, Hudson River Park, Brooklyn Bridge, DUMBO, SOHO, Tribeca, Battery Park City, The Meat Packing District, Hudson Yards, Greenwich Village, Lincoln Center, The High Line, and Little Island.  We will discuss location choices when you are arranging your shoot and I will present options to you for you to choose from that best suit your photoshoot.

If you would like to shoot in a professional photography studio or on-site at a location you select this option is available for all my premium packages such as the Branding Session, Model Portfolio Session, Engagement Session, or Headshot Session. In order to shoot in the studio with flash/professional lighting,  you will need to rent studio space by the hour which I will help facilitate.  In the case of on-site work, you will need to pay for the transportation of myself and my lighting equipment to and from the location at cost. On-site work does come at an additional fee and is considered a custom project, so we will need to discuss the particulars of the location you select and what the additional costs would be prior to booking.

how/wHEN will I receive my PHOTOS?

Most clients receive their edited photos within 7-10 days, but during my busy season it can take up to 2-3 wks to receive your gallery. I always do whatever I can to get your photos out to you as soon as  I can. You will receive all of the photos via a personalized/private online gallery which I will e-mail you the link and PIN code when ready, From your online gallery you will then be able to download, order prints, and send them off to your friends + family, and, of course, post them online! One thing to keep in mind is download links do expire, so be sure to download your image gallery promptly as well as save + backup your images. This is also important because I do not hold onto hard copies of client photos indefinitely. 

do i get to select my photos?

Part of my job as a photographer is having an artistic eye for the most flattering photographs of my clients. On a typical photoshoot, I take hundreds of photographs, and then I meticulously cull (go through) and select the very best images to edit. The photos that don't make the cut may be shots that were out of focus, unflattering, eyes were closed, or simply not up to my standards of high-quality images I want to present to my clients. You can be sure you will receive the best images from your shoot.


Each image in your final photoshoot gallery has gone through multiple editing processes from basic edits and color grading to editing/retouching to make sure you, my client, look your best. As such, I only select the best images for your final gallery. The amount of final edited images is dependent on many factors, and I will not guarantee an amount as a result.  But typically my standard packages result in 25-30 edited images, whereas my premium packages result in 40-50 edited images  

what if I want additional retouching on my final images?

At the conclusion of our photoshoot,  I always ask my clients if they are interested in any additional retouching of their images. Minor skin cleanup is something I standardly do and is included in your package.  But, if after you receive the final images from your shoot (or even before) you wish to have additional Beauty Retouching to add that extra polish to your shots please inquire about this Add-On. Beauty Retouching covers high-end skin retouching,  slimming, eye bag removal, teeth whitening, severe skin issues such as acne and scarring, wrinkle removal, or any other more complex Beauty Retouching prcoess. 

what is the difference between "edited" and "retouched" images?

"Edited" images mean that the images undergo my own unique color grading process, light adjustments, and composition corrections such as cropping, straightening, and adjusting the different photo elements, such as temperature, exposure, contrast, and white balance. "Retouched" images mean the images will be enhanced or manipulated beyond the aforementioned "Edited" photo adjustments to make the subject look more polished like the models or celebrities you would see in a magazine. For example, with professional actor headshots, fashion photography, or branding photos, there may be a need to use extra tools and programs such as Photoshop to make the subject's skin look smoother, wrinkle-free, blemish-free or to remove undereye bags. Retouching can also include teeth whitening, slimming the body, removing flyaway hairs, or altering other imperfections that a client would prefer to be adjusted or removed in their final photos.  These different processes of retouching are quite time-consuming, require special programs, and therefore I only offer "Beauty Retouching" as an Add On package.

CAN I HAVE all THE unedited photos FROM MY SHOOT?

I don’t provide the RAW files to clients for two main reasons.  The first one is that my photography is my brand as a photographer, which includes my work as a retouch artist. Each photo you receive undergoes extensive editing, color grading, and if you opt for a Beauty Retouching package, retouching. In some cases, I spend over an hour on a single photo. My photos without professional editing/retouching are not representative of my final work or brand, so I don't allow them to go out into the world half-finished or allow an outside source to edit them with retouching, apps, or filters I can't vouch for. The RAW images are files that come straight from my camera & are un-edited. Think of a painting, I’ve only prepped the canvas at this stage, and my images are not representative of my final work.  Additionally, it takes unique software to convert the files into an image you can view on your computer or smartphone. This process is long for me and the file sizes are huge. The action of converting these files is part of what you paid for with my services. Your work is done after we wrap the shoot & all you have to do is download the final result and enjoy your finished photos.

i would like more images from my shoot, is this possible?

While, as I mentioned,  I cherry-pick the very best images from my client's photoshoot, in some cases a client will want more images than are included in their package. In this case, I  will cull (go through) the photoshoot a 2nd time for images that perhaps were not first choice images, but are of good quality to edit. Each additional photo a client wishes to add and have me edit is $50 per image.

what if I am running late for my photoshoot?

Please note that you must arrive on time for your photoshoot session and time slot. If you are unfamiliar with the area we are meeting in, I recommend getting there early to build in a time cushion to find the meeting location. As a busy NYC photographer, I often shoot clients back to back. If you arrive late to your time slot that cuts your shooting time short, and I don't afford extra time because you come late. All clients are asked to arrive 5 minutes prior to their session. A $50 late fee will be added prior to the final photo release if you are between 15-20 minutes late. If you are more than 20 minutes late, the session will be canceled and is non-refundable and non-transferable.

What happens if I NEED TO CANCEL OR THE WEATHER IS BAD on the day of my shoot?

When shooting outdoor photography, the weather can sometimes be unpredictable. I always check in with my client/s the day prior and the day of our shoot if the weather is uncertain. If it looks like the weather will not be hospitable for photo=taking (rain/snow/high winds/intense cold), we will move our shoot to the next available date for both myself and my client. There is no charge if we have to reschedule our shoot due to bad weather or COVID 19 diagnosis.  However if, after booking a photoshoot and paying for your session, you as a client need to cancel or reschedule our shoot for reasons other than bad weather your payment is non-refundable and non-transferable.  

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